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Finance finally made fashionable. 

Hello Gorgeous!

I’m Evelyn.

… and let’s just say my view on money is anything but typical.  

With an MBA in my pocket, I love all things finance and business. But I also love luxe labels.

Do you believe that you have to slave before you can live the the good life?

For years, I have struggled with finding the balance between saving, spending, debt and living my best life NOW. I ended up stuck in the guilt and shame game around money and the constant struggle of wanting more. I wanted to enjoy life but also build a future of financial freedom.

Hustling my way up the ladder, I thought I would become a CEO in the corporate world. Instead, I decided to became the CEO of my life and live life with no compromises.

I have biz in every bone and I know all the strategies to managing money like a boss. I used to consult companies in achieving their financial goals. Now I am here to help you achieve yours. 

This blog is all about the Luxe and the bucks to pay for it. If you want your money to work for YOU, you’re absolutely in the right place.

Your fabulous life starts here.


Consider this your one-stop-shop for upleveling your life. I give you all the resources to transform your mindset, your money and your life. 

Tired of the endless guilt-inducing, boring sermons on emergency funds and paying off debt til the end of days? I went from loads of loans to luxe labels without sacrificing my happiness. No rice and beans here, promise! No penny-pinching, no frugal living tips – we are here to make your finances fabulous and fashionable.

I teach the Posh Girl’s way to getting rich – in style.

Stop the struggle, overwhelm and confusion around wanting more and having the money to pay for it. If you like and want the good things in life, I’m your girl. This place was created with you in mind.

Yes, you can have it all. You can create a fabulous life one step at a time. I did, and so can you. And I’ll show you how.

The Money Makeover,

Rich Girl style.


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Ready for a complete money makeover – without cutting credit cards?

Not the Average Blog.

Everything fabulous, all my current obsessions in lifestyle, beauty, fashion, behind the scenes in my home, mindset and of course… money. LOTS of it. I spill all the tea on how I spend and what I spend on. This is the stylish and savvy girl’s guide to Luxe Living minus the question marks on how to afford it. 

I cut the woo woo and give you the above-average real money pep talk you need to finally live the life you desire and deserve. 

This blog is about upleveling your life completely guilt-free, starting with your mind and your money.

Life, Styled.

All the things that make life more Luxe.


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