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You can learn pretty much everything on the internet but nobody teaches you how to live a luxurious life unapologetically. If you are looking to get inspired by someone who did it, you're in the right place. Get out of the mindset of mediocrity and take your life (and money!) from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY.

if you're looking to level up your life...

You read tons of books, listen to podcasts and invest a lot of time and energy into your personal development. But you always get stuck when it comes to actually implementing all those things into your life and actually move forward. You feel stuck and overwhelmed.

I get it. I have been there.

For many years, I had no idea how to make sense of all the information and advice out there. All I wanted was to figure out how to do things "right" with money, so I could live the life I wanted, but all I got was methods that just deprived and delayed my desired outcome even further.

My approach is radically different. I believe in creating results "inside out" and giving you clear and easy-to-follow strategies and tools you can start implementing TODAY and see results fast, and make it enjoyable. You don't have time to mess around with things that don't work or make you feel even worse than when you started.

Your dream life is closer than you think and you have all it takes to make it happen.

I did it, and so can you.

ready to get started?'re in the right place. 

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I teach women all over the world to manage their finances like a CEO, increase their net worth, create a life as curated as their wardrobes, so they can start living the life they desire with strategy and style. I can teach you my secrets to level up and live a rich life in all areas. A coaching program that is tailored to you to fit you and your life like the best suit. This is your first class ticket to the life you deserve.



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It's my signature strategy, and I'm spilling all my MBA secrets to managing money like a boss (literally).
Money is my favorite topic because it is the most powerful tool to manifesting your dream life. I have a plethora of resources to level up your money game, so you can win at it, no matter where you are on your journey.

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the curated closet

Dressing well is an art but only few master it. I never thought I was the "stylish" girl but I have a few tricks up my sleeve to be my best dressed self every day. 
Learn how to create your perfect capsule closet, boost your confidence and live and look like the woman you want to be, everyday.

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Luxe lover cashflow queen & MBA

i'm evelyn

I’m known for breaking down complex finance strategies into a simple, step-by-step system, and helping my clients create their best financial realities and luxurious lives. I’ve tried almost every money model out there, and followed many big gurus in the personal finance space, but none gave me the results I wanted.
My approach is unique because I apply both the strategic and the mindset part, so you will understand why you do what you do and how to do it better. I teach you how to understand and use your brain's natural power to create the results you want, without sacrifice and cutting out your lattes. 

Now, I have turned my loans into luxe, turned over six figures of debt into six figure net worth and I'm living my best life.

But things weren’t always so sweet. Back when I started my journey, I was hustling hard, feeling lost, tired, overwhelmed and broke. When I applied the knowledge I've learned during my MBA and in the industry working as a business strategist and management consultant, quickly grew to become one of the most powerful decisions of my life and I’m grateful I was brave to swim against the mainstream financial advice. 

So even if you’re new to personal finance, or have no idea where to start, or want to accelerate your results with money, The Cashflow Queen will become your money MBA for creating the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of having.



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