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You can have it all.

The Money AND the Life.

Money is at the core of our lives: What we believe about money, what we think is possible, what we believe we deserve, and can or cannot have.

It is my mission to teach ambitious women having it all and giving them the tools and strategies to reach for the stars. 

You can pay off debt and NOT be miserable.

You can create a lifestyle that you desire NOW.

You can spend money without GUILT.

You can achieve your money goals with EASE.




about luxeconomist

Meet the Cashflow Queen

Welcome to my little realm of the internet.

I’m Evelyn – Proud Luxury Lover, MBA, Money Expert, Cashflow Queen and pursuer of all  things beautiful.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I’m quite sure you are here for a reason. Whether you want to learn more about managing your money or want a sneak peak into how I keep my life fabulous, whether it’s fashion, beauty or interiors… You are in the right place.

Life is about all the things. So I found a way to have all the things because let’s be real: Something’s gotta pay… Money does. So you’ll hear me talking about money  a lot.

Money doesn’t bring happiness? That’s just one of the limiting beliefs I ditched years ago. I can show you how to fall madly in love with your money and your life.

Money doesn’t have to be hard.


But for a long time, it was for me.

Coming from a modest background, I worked my way up on the corporate ladder in pursuit to change my financial destiny, and ended up in a career I hated, and tons of debt. I believed that everything comes at a cost. I hustled, made money but still had nothing to show for it, feeling stuck, a slave to my paycheck. I thought money had to be hard, I needed to work hard, and go through hell while paying off debt.

Unwilling to accept that I had to work hard for the rest of my life to enjoy my money when I’m old, I turned my life upside down. There had to be a better way.

With the right mindset and strategy, anyone can create a life on their own terms, including you! I can teach you to create your perfect money blueprint and show you the way to a financial future you will not find anywhere else.

I have been in the trenches struggling with so much emotional baggage around my money, that I kept sabotaging my results without realizing it.

Today, my reality is abundant, and my money is, too.  Because I adopted a rich girl’s mentality and started living, thinking and acting like one. 

I have learned the hard way, but money can be easy, if you know how. And you can learn how to have lots of it, so you can enjoy your life like you are supposed to – without worrying about blowing your budget or drowning in debt.

I am spilling all the secrets to a luxurious, abundant life.

I want your money to work for you, not the other way round

Wondering why you still live a broke girl’s life despite giving it your all? Doing all  the ‘right’ things, but somehow it feels wrong? I totally get you.

Rice and beans? Strawberries and champagne!

You can learn how to manage your mind and your money, pay off debt without sacrfice and skipping your lattes and become the stylish,  wealthy woman you know you want to be – whether you are just starting on your money journey or want take it up a notch and step up to your full potential.

 I have made it my mission to turn confusion into confidence, overwhelm into overflow, and money into magic, so you can start living and focus on what really matters.

 There is a rich woman inside of you.

Luxeconomist - About

Personal Finance for people who like the fancy things. 

Tired of all the personal finance blogs teaching the same thing over and over again with carrot and stick methods to money, making me feel bad about wanting the good things in life and delaying my dream life, I decided it was time for a new set of rules on what finance should look like. 

It is not money or your life.

Luxeconomist was born for all the girls out there who want all the things: Make the most of their money, get out of debt without compromising on their lifestyle, lattes and labels and minus the emotional baggage. I created this place for you where your dreams and goals are valid, no matter your current budget.

Money is personal, and it was about time to acknowledge that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to personal finance. 

Uplevel you life, so you can blow your own mind on what is possible when you make the decision that you deserve better.

Life is too short to worry about money. You were made for more. And I am here to guide you every step of the way.

Like going to business school, just more fab.


I know both sides of the medal: the personal and the business side of money. I got you. No either/or anymore!

You’ll get no-woo and no-nonsense money talk that gets you real results.

With an MBA and experience from my work as a consultant and strategist for large companies, managing big budgets and financial projects, I know how money works and how to develop strategies that bring in the big bucks. What works in business and boardrooms, work for you, too. It is just knowing about them and applying them in the right way.

And I can teach you how (just without the boring flowcharts).

 My strategy takes all the guesswork out of the equation. I cover both mindset and the math side of things, so you are completely covered and set up for managing your money like a boss – and feel fabulous about it!

Now it’s about you

The Money Makeover,

Rich Girl style.


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