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Meet the

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My name is Evelyn. I am obsessed with money and personal development. It took a lot of detours to get to where I am today. Coming from a blue-collar family background of first-generation immigrants, I did not grow up in riches. Nobody taught me about money. But I was so eager to learn about how money works, I self-educated myself on personal finance and investing. 

After college, I studied to become a teacher and then did a 360 into the corporate world, because this is where the big bucks were. Eventually, I pursued an MBA to advance my career in higher management, piled up lots of debt and ended up in a job I hated. I wanted a better life for myself, a life of prosperity and success but I was not willing to pay for it by slaving away the best years of my life and only enjoy the fruits of my hard work when I’m old. 

I  felt overwhelmed, frustrated, guilty and stuck. I denied myself every bit of joy, because I felt my debt was keeping me unworthy of enjoying life, let alone spend money on frivolous things like handbags and travel.

I was doing all the right things. And still it felt I never had enough time or  enough money to live the life I desired.

I followed many gurus out there. Most of the advice out was either rice and beans for the rest of my life or lofty woo woo. I couldn’t make sense of it all.

But I knew there had to be another way. 

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Mindset &

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It wasn’t until I shifted my mindset when things started magically unfolding for me. I moved out of my scarcity mentality and upleveled all areas of my life. 

Today, I know that frugality is not the only path to financial freedom. I feel good about my money. I love saving AND spending it. I created a life I love – including luxury labels. There is such a thing as having it all. And it is available to you, too. 

I still am a teacher at heart. I love helping others achieve their goals. Over the years, I have helped organisations develop strategies for success. Then I created them for myself. And now I am here to help you.

I created this blog to show you how to treat your money and yourself to achieve financial happiness and a more luxe life everyday.

See you there!

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A few things I

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Dior – Salted caramel – Coffee – Luxury handbags – Personal development – Travel – Interior Design – Walks in nature – London  –  old books – flowers – Downton Abbey – london – my money – horses – leather – giving  – yoga – sitting by the open fire – learning – writing – the smell of grass –  OLD HOUSES – crisp winter mornings – my family – pillows – mozart –  old church music – candlelight – soup –  warm summer nights. 

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