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Fall – New season, new beginnings and learning to let go

Fall – New season, new beginnings and learning to let go
Fall, season, new season, new beginnings, learning to let go, thoughts, embrace change, see possibilities

Seasons change, and so do we. 

Fall. The transition seasons always have something magical, inspirational, almost a little melancholic to me. Time to embrace a new time of the year, change your wardrobe, your home décor. It is the season of this -slightly painful- realisation that we have to let go of summer. Spending more time indoors makes me a bit more of an introvert at the same time.

The season shift, sometimes so abrupt, with cold, rainy days that make the yearn for warm summer days almost unbearable. The moment I see the fields all harvested, what feels to me like from one day to another, is a brutal reminder that summer is officially over. Luckily for me, it is more bearable as I am currently planning my late summer holiday for this year, which does help prolong the summer feeling a bit longer and grant me a few more weeks before I will definitely tuck away my airy tops and summer dresses for this year.

Fall - new season, new beginnings and learning to let go

Focus on opportunities, not obstacles.

It seems that in these transitional seasons, nature is reminding us not to focus on the circumstances but embrace the inevitable change. The external circumstances are not always hardly ever perfect or how we would like them to be. But if we waited till we’re ‘ready’, we’d be waiting forever. Life goes on, regardless. Maybe that’s the reason I look forward to the colder seasons, giving me more space to turn inwards, reflect, read a good book and face the world as it is and just be. Slow down, stop and stare, breathe and reboot.

I love summer for its ease, rarely requiring more than two clothing items. Slip into sandals, grab bag, leave the house. I like this effortlessness of the warm months. The colder season feels a little more cumbersome to me with so many more layers to put on, dressing more practical, dragging an umbrella along… and the underlying concern that my overall mood will drop with every leaf. On the bright side, the autumnal hues, sweater weather, cosy, warm textures and fabrics… swoon. In fashion and in life, we just have to face it. We can’t change the circumstances, but we can decide to show up for it anyway.

Fall - new season, new beginnings and learning to let go

Change is beautiful.

Despite all the expected cold and rain, deep in my heart I am grateful for living in a corner of the world that allows us to enjoy all four seasons with nature showing off her lush colour palette, brushing the leaves in colourful hues, turning the evening skies in the warmest gold and covering the fields in a magical carpet of morning mist. I am so incredibly humbled by the beauty of nature, every single time. Snuggling into a cosy sweater with a cup of guilt-free hot cocoa, lighting all the candles I own, crawling under a fluffy blanket and enjoying the long, -less wild- nights in…. yes, pleeeease.

Seasons change, and so do we. I am trying to focus on the opportunities instead of the obstacles which comes easier to me nowadays. Happiness and gratitude, after all, are learnable. How can we ever welcome new things in life if we can’t let go of the old? Learning to let go is not a one-time thing, we have to do it over and over again, and I like the thought of the seasons reminding us of that fact and showing us that in fact, change is beautiful.

To be really honest, the unhappiest moments in my life have been those of feeling stuck or bored, craving a change to happen in my life. Although many of us may be struggling with change, I believe that deep inside, we need it. As long as we live and breathe, our body and mind is in constant state of change. We need to let go of the old -physically and mentally- to allow growth and new things and opportunities to happen. We humans are constantly growing, evolving little creatures and, by nature, are constantly pushed out of our comfort zone and reminded that change is a necessary part of life.

May this never change.

How do you cope with change? What are struggling to let go? And what do you love about fall (autumn)?

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