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How to Feel Rich Right Now

How to Feel Rich Right Now

So you want to create more abundance in your life? Hm, I totally get it.

A few years ago, I was somehow always in stress mode when it came to money. No matter what I did, it somehow never seemed enough. You might think how you can possibly feel rich right now when you have debt to pay off or struggle to pay your bills. Maybe you think your life is okay but it could use an upgrade.

Believe me, I have been there.

We tend to look at our present and only see the crappy reality we’re in. 

No matter what it is you are struggling with regards to money, I’ll let you in on a secret: it is all within your relationship with money and how you value our money and yourself. This stuff changed my life.

Take Small Steps Every Day

Over the years, I have made a few micro-shifts that have compounded and transformed how I think and feel about money. I came up with tried and tested abundance hacks to get you into the right vibe to attract the life you want.

The key is to create the energy of abundance in your life right now, so you can attract more of it. 

This is to give you a different experience about money and help you push yourself out of your financial comfort zone a little. It will also give you the opportunity to become aware of what you think about money and overcome these limiting beliefs. Observe them carefully. The point is to deliberately do something that is out of your current comfort zone. You will see that you don’t even have to spend money to feel like you have money. 

Okay, let’s dive in! Here is the list of my favourite ways to feel like a rich bitch right now (and get more).

Feelings Matter, so Feel Better

Whatever you feel right now, you create more of. The secret of improving your relationship with money and create more abundance is freeing yourself from limiting beliefs that you “cannot afford” XYZ. 

Abundance (noun): the situation in which there is more than enough of something

Cambridge Dictionary

Abundance is a feeling of ‘enoughness’. Once you understand that the abundance is in you, you can make yourself feel abundant and the results will follow. The universe will meet you there. 

We all have a certain financial comfort zone or money beliefs. But they are only in our heads. If you want to upgrade your life, you need to upgrade our thoughts and feelings about money first. The quality of your thoughts defines the quality of your life. 

Stop Saying “I can’t afford that”

Maybe you feel unhappy that you cannot afford a certain lifestyle. However, money is completely relative. 

What some people spend on a car, you spend on a house. ‘Reasonable’ only exists in our heads. People will spend thousands on TVs and iPhones because they ‘need’ them but will complain about grocery prices. We think it is totally reasonable to spend thousands on a vacation, but we see a luxury handbag as indulgent although it has the same price tag. The money is the same. We choose how we spend it. How you label a lifestyle is completely up to you. 

In order to upgrade your life to how you want it to be is to start believing you can.

Instead of saying “I cannot afford this” you can choose to believe that you prefer spending your money on something else. 

Treat Yourself with Something Exceptional 

Treat yourself with something exceptional or decadent. Stay at a luxury hotel for one night. Go to a Michelin Star restaurant. Visit a luxury spa. 

The point is not to live above your means and shop yourself bankrupt. It is rather to do something that you fancy doing but never feel like you are quite ‘there’ yet. Experience the energy of it. 

Go to a Luxury Store and Feel Like You Belong There

If you shop mostly on high-street and drugstores because that is more aligned with your budget, that’s ok. 

Try going to a luxury store or boutique for a change. Even if you think the staff looks at you weird, look around, maybe even try something on. Nobody is checking your net worth statement at the door.

I know many people who feel like impostors or criminals when they visit shops out of their budget. They think they don’t belong there and that’s the energy the emit. 

Overcome the awkwardness of it. In order to attract luxury, you need to be comfortable being around it. Feel like you belong there. 

Pretend-Shop Online

If you don’t feel like going to an actual store, you can still do the same exercise from the comfort of your home. 

Go to any online store you fancy and add things to your cart. Choose items that you truly love, not because they’re on sale. Forget about the price tag for a moment.

Pretend shopping online is completely innocent but can shift your money comfort zone significantly.

Carry Cash 

We all have a certain money blueprint. I recentlyheard a financial expert saying you should never carry more than $100 in cash with you.

Why the heck not?!

People are scared carrying a lot of cash money with them because they think it is unsafe. 

If that’s you, I suggest putting a big bill in your wallet. Just have it. You don’t need to spend it. Get comfortable having a lot of money. 

I believe there is some magic in having actual physical money and seeing it on a daily basis.

Go to a Restaurant and Do Not Choose Based on Price

Are you one of the 99% of people who open up a menu in a restaurant and check out the prices first before making an order? 

It is very common to order something in the lower or middle range of the menu. 

Oftentimes we don’t even know what we want because we choose based on what we’re used to or comfortable paying for. You need to get out of the ‘chicken’-mindset. Order what you really want. Don’t look at the prices at all and just order what tickles your taste buds. Or go crazy and order the most expensive thing on the menu. Experience how you feel about it. 

If you want to level up your life, you need to get comfortable with a lifestyle that might feel slightly out of reach for you now. In order to leave a mediocre life, you have to stop making mediocre choices. 

This is is a very good practice to knowing and getting what you want.

Dress Up

If you are more of a yoga pants kinda girl, try wearing your best outfit for a change. 

Wear your best perfume, even when you’re at home, put on makeup and get your best jewelry out. 

Just play dress up and try to feel like this is your new normal. 

Decide what your ‘best self’ would wear and then just do it. Get used to showing up as your best self every day. 

Upgrade One Thing in Your Life

Leave your financial comfort zone by treating yourself with something that is just slightly outside your comfort zone right now. 

Invite something slightly better in your life. Making small incremental changes is more effective than trying to change everything at once. I have changed my entire life by upgrading one thing at a time. I just got rid of one thing and replaced it with something better. 

It could be something that you decide you want to enjoy on a regular basis. Sign up for a premium gym membership. Schedule a massage once a month. Buy fresh flowers every week. 

Get rid of something Ikea (glassware, plates, you name it) or your mismatched collection of coffee mugs and get some proper stuff. Get some crystal glassware, a nice bathrobe, a set of matching lingerie. Nobody sees it, but it is incredible what a piece of good underwear can do to your confidence. 

You can also buy a quality piece of clothing, e,g, a cashmere sweater, a quality coat or a pair of good shoes. They will last you ages and you might actually save you money in the long run.

It doesn’t have to cost the world. I feel abundant adding fresh berries to my oatmeal every morning. Small luxuries make a huge difference. How you treat yourself matters. 

Treat Yourself Like a Queen

Whether it’s jewellery, china, shoes, bags… Do you also have your silver table set tucked away for Christmas? We tend to save it for best, or more special occasions. What is a special occasion anyway?!

If you want to experience what it feels to live a luxurious life on an everyday basis, you have to live like someone who has and enjoys these things on an every day basis.

Eat from your best china. Undust your silver, put on your best dress and feel as if you’re dining at Buckingham Palace. Burn that expensive candle, put on your best clothes, wear lipstick at home, carry your best bag to the supermarket. Have fun showing up as your best self every day. 

You are closing yourself from receiving more abundance if you don’t enjoy the abundance you already have. 

Play Millionaire

This one is really fun. It is called the Prosperity Game. You spend your money with a (fictional) new check coming in every day. You have to spend it entirely in order to get the next one. 

It is like playing pretend with the Universe. It gets your mind used to receiving money all the time. Next to that, you get comfortable spending big and still never run out of money. Lastly, you’ll find that at some point, you’ll run out of things to buy which tickles your imagination to dream even bigger. The whole point is to have fun with it and let your creativity flow.

Your brain cannot tell the difference between real or imagined. You need to get yourself into a state of mind that allows you to dream, be playful and learn to enjoy money. Just have fun with it. 

There is a detailed description how it works here. You can do it in your journal or in an spreadsheet. I like to use an app for this . It is the same principle but comes with tons more features like affirmations, inspirational quotes and daily reminders to crank up my money vibes anywhere and everywhere. You can download the app here.  

Have Fun

Have you ever noticed that we naturally attracted to happy, fun people? Happy people emanate abundance. One reason we want to become rich is because we think rich people are happier. We associate happiness with money. Abundance comes from feeling good.

Having fun is a form of abundance. It reminds us of the richness of life. A rich life is not about the things we own but how we experience life.

Live fully and be happy. Be careless, joyful, laugh and just have fun – just because. 

Observe Nature

Every time I am out in nature, I am reminded of the abundance of this world. This planet is so unbelievably lush and rich. Life is everywhere. Plants and trees just keep growing, flowers blooming, birds singing, bugs flying, waterfalls flowing, the sun keeps rising, the sky is full of stars. There is no such thing as ‘lack’ in nature. It is always powerful and full of energy. 

Observe how nature never worries about running out of resources. There is always enough for everyone to go around. Enjoy the diversity and the lushness of nature.

We all benefit from each other. This world is the ultimate sharing economy. I love taking walks and being out in nature, which reminds me that I am part of that abundance. 

Give Generously 

We don’t like to give because it means there is less for ourselves. That is called scarcity.

There is always more than enough to go around. Give something to someone and feel good about it. I like to think that whatever I give from abundance comes back to me tenfold. Try giving more than you usually do. Raise the bar a little at a time.

You don’t have to necessarily be generous with money. You can be generous with your time. Go help someone without expecting anything in return. Donate something you once loved and don’t need anymore. Forgive someone. Be generous with your time, money and kindness. Smile at someone, buy their coffee, give a genuine compliment. It can make someone’s day. 

Try to feel good about giving and being generous. It makes the giver feel good and raises our own vibration. 

We get what we give. What we put out, comes back to us. Generosity is a state of mind.

Just Do… Nothing

Have you noticed that most people are always in productive mode, always hustling, always busy, always on the run? When we are not productive or busy, we might feel guilty and lazy. We always think it is normal to be in constant state of urgency and actionism. 

Hurry and rush come from a place of scarcity, too. We feel we don’t have enough time to do XYZ. But stress and hurry exist only in our heads.

Notice that rich people have time. There is no need to rush anything.

You need to learn to feel good doing nothing. Decide not to be in a rush for once. Pick a day and do not feel hurried or look at the clock. Take your time. Slow down. Leave your watch or phone at home. 

Experience how it feels when you have time to do just nothing or be mindful about what you are doing right now and not rushing to the next thing. 

Take a bath, journal, read, cook, go for a walk, or just do nothing. Treat yourself like you have all the time in the world. 

I was shocked when I couldn’t remember the last time I just sat there and listened to some music, doing nothing. It can feel very uncomfortable to not be productive for once. 

Abundance is not just about money. Abundance is peace of mind. 

Count Your Stuff (Yes, Literally)

Have you ever looked around and counted all the items you own? It is insane when you realize the actual number of your physical possessions. 

We tend to complain about what we don’t (yet) have. True abundance is appreciating what we already have. It is important to understand that abundance does not come from an outside source, the abundance is in you. Gratitude and appreciation puts us into the right mindset and frequency to attract more of what we already have. 

Look around and count the individual items you own. Love what you have. Give it appreciation. And if you don’t love it, get rid of it. I always feel so good after decluttering!

Shop Your Closet

Your closet is full and you have nothing to wear. Sound familiar? 

I ‘shop my stash’ on a regular basis. Whenever I feel I don’t have anything to wear, I head on to my Pinterest boards and Instagram and recreate the looks I love with the items I have. And suddenly I realize how much I really do have. I just never thought of combining it differently. It sparks my creativity and resourcefulness. 

We think that we need another item, that happiness is in buying the next thing. But the truth is, most of the time it is just a matter of loving and using all the resources and items we already have. 

Be Grateful

It is way easier to attract more from a place of abundance. The key is acknowledging and appreciating how blessed you really are. 

I am grateful for my home. I love paying for my internet and phone. I give thanks how it gives me access to education, information, helps me connect with the people I love. Give thanks to the food nourishing your body and giving you energy. Be grateful for the bed you sleep in that gives you rest. 

There are so many blessings that we take for granted. 

Gratitude is the ultimate source of abundance and having enough. 

Make a Luxury List

Make a list in your journal of all the things that you associate with abundance, whatever small or big. List everything

Here’s an example: 

I feel rich when I…

  • go on vacation
  • hire a babysitter
  • buy my morning Starbucks
  • take a taxi
  • get a massage
  • stay in a five-star hotel
  • can sleep in

Get creative and think of things you would do more of if you were rich. And then just do these things. Whether it is treating yourself with an extensive bubble bath, buy a $10 latte or take a nap. 

When I made that list for myself, I realized that most of the points weren’t even things I wanted to own but experiences, more ‘do’s than ‘have’s. 

Being rich is not about the money

Being rich is not necessarily how much money we have but what we think we would be and do once we have it. 

But this is having it backwards. You have to be and do these things now. So go make that list. 

Feeling rich doesn’t have to cost you any money. It is about creating a life you love. Work through your list and find ways how you can make small changes every day to level up your life, little by little. 

It might feel a bit uncomfortable at first. Leaving your comfort zone means that you have to deal with some kind of discomfort. But this is where the magic happens. Remember that you are on this planet to have some fun. Money is only a tool to give you shelter, food and buy you experiences. 

I created the life I love by allowing myself to have these things and it just gets better from there. 

What are your ways of creating more abundance? What would you like to upgrade in your life?  

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