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Hello gorgeous! 

I see you.

Perhaps you have been sold a dream of financial freedom that consists of hustle, counting pennies, cutting back, paying everyone else and delaying your dreams. You have followed the advice of well-known money gurus but you feel like some piece of the puzzle is missing because... you don't feel better about your money at all, and your quality of life hasn't dramatically improved either. It still feels kinda average.

So you told yourself the story that you "don't need that handbag". You tolerate your safe (but average) job, your average closet and average experiences. You are living for "one day", counting the days til you can finally live the life you want to live - guilt-free.

Perhaps you have just settled with the thought that maybe luxury, ease and comfort isn't meant for you, so you spend your life on the sidelines, waiting for the next book, podcast to change your life.

You want to make big shifts in your life and you read all the books, listen to podcasts, but you don't know how to implement it all to create real change.

I know because I've been there. And it sucked.

You deserve to live your dream life.

And now I'm here to show you how it's done - Rich Girl Style.

Have you ever looked at those girls on Instagram wondering how they afford all the designer labels and dream vacations? 

Yeah, me too.

Good money management isn't measured in how many lattes you allow yourself. It's stepping into your next level self and acknowledge your worthiness of a grand, extraordinary, above-average life.

For way too long, I denied myself everything. I was so laser-focused on my financial goals, and I thought deprivation was the currency of progress. I bought the lie that a good life is the reward for hard work and hustle. But something in me knew that this is not the version of wealth I had envisioned. 

Fast forward to today: I did a full 180 with my money strategy and realised: I had it completely backwards the entire time.

The Problem:

You can't get rich doing what poor people do.

With an MBA on my wall I know a thing or two about finance. Yet the majority of financial advice out there doesn't follow the proven strategies of how the wealthy manage their money.

Weird, right?

You can't get fit eating junk food.
And you can't get rich on rice and beans. So how do you expect to get different results when you still think, act and behave like you're broke?

Trust me, there's another way.

It's time for a strawberry and champagne diet for your money.

A luxurious life doesn't just happen. It's
on purpose.

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Cashflow Consulting

Learn the secret MBA strategy that got me out of six figure debt all while living my best-dressed life and stacking the cash. Imagine logging into your bank account and actually like what you see.

Mindset Makeover

Your mind is a powerful tool but I guess you are not tapping into its full potential. This is not woo woo fluff, this is neuroscience and effective mindset tools to rewire your brain and finally help you move forward.

Lifestyle Design

A good life doesn't just happen, it is created intentionally. There is a strategy and process behind building a life you are madly obsessed with. It's called life by design, not by default.

work with me

The Cashflow Consultation

Let's get your bank account back in balance.

Struggle with budgeting, overdraft, bills, building savings and managing your money in a way that feels aligned and expansive?

Book my bestselling 60 min strategy session to get ahead and off the hamster wheel of scarcity into an energy of overflow and abundance (with actual $$ in the bank). You'll get a personal long term plan for your money, so you can start loving what you see in your bank account and get your money back in flow.

60 min strategy session

personal cashflow plan

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Don't break the bank.

3 Day Telegram Coaching


This is for you if you want the full coaching experience without the time commitment. It's like having me on on speed dial. Nothing is off limits. It's as easy as sending a voice message to your BFF. You get all your questions answered and daily support. And you don't even have to put on pants or brush your hair.

72h audio coaching

1:1 support

no limits

ask away

Rent my brain.

Money & Mindset Mentoring


Learn the signature strategy for reverse engineering your dream life - putting (and paying) yourself first, so that it fuels the action that moves you forward whilst unlearning the habits that no longer serve you. Perfect for targeted results and quick transformations. Includes 3 1:1 calls to get you to your next level.

3 bi-weekly calls

24/7 Telegram support

workbooks & Resources

The Classic

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The Signature Experience


This the highest-level 90-Day program where I walk you through my entire process of elevating your money, mindset and lifestyle through my signature framework. This isn't taught anywhere else. A deep dive to rewire your mind for luxury including everything mentioned above, along with guided planning, mentoring and support in reaching specific business and personal finance targets. Ideal for those wishing to have ongoing support in applying the framework to help remove roadblocks and create sustainable change. Includes bi-weekly calls, with along with targeted Telegram support and highest level guidance.

3 months of personal coaching

90 days of voxer support

full access to all classes

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I went from barely paying the bills to debt-free with five figure savings. This is incredible.

— Lauren

I've never have been able to save money and actually keep it. This strategy really works!

— Jennifer

It's such a load off my mind not worrying if I'm going to have enough money for the month. Now I have a plan.

— elena

Kind Words

My promise to you

What Makes This Different

This is not your average money coaching. This is a high-level, intimate tailor-made to you program where I teach you everything I know. There is no holding back here. You will walk away with a strategy and clear roadmap that feels good to you and I am here to support you along the way. This is your chance to make things happen and take your life to the next level. Your desires are valid and this is the space to bring them to life.

You can do this.

Are you ready?

This is it.

If you've been looking for permission to finally live life on your terms...